WandaVision - Review of the first two episodes on Disney +

From 2019, the year of release of Avengers: Endgame and Spider-man: Far From Home, we are waiting for new titles regarding the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After failing to exit Black Widow due to the global crisis unleashed by Covid-19, all fans of the saga have folded their hopes on the long-awaited TV series announced. There are in fact three productions for the small screen focused on the protagonists of the MCU. In addition to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - out on March 19, 2021 - and Loki - whose release is scheduled for May 2021 - we find WandaVision. We are talking about an unusual and particular series, a real American sit-com worthy of the name. As announced by the developers, this will be one of the main themes of the series. As the episodes go by, Wanda Maximoff e Vision (still in possession of the mind gem) will try to live their perfect life, recalling some famous sitcoms of the last few decades, but giving them a touch of magic.

Starting today, January 15, 2021, the episodes are out on the streaming platform Disney +. For a total of 9 episodes with an average duration of 20/30 minutes, the series is immediately a gem worthy of the Marvel home. We have seen the first two episodes and we are ready to review them (obviously avoiding spoilers), also telling you some theories, hypotheses and curiosities.

Eepisode 1

From the very first minute of WandaVision we find ourselves immersed in a 50s / 60s TV series, complete with a black and white screen, typical music and laughter in the background. In a nutshell we are catapulted into the dream world of Wanda Maximoff e Vision, who will try to live a normal life hiding their powers from neighbors and colleagues. In particular, the first episode will focus on a dinner (initially forgotten by the spouses) organized for the head of Vision, employed in an accounting firm, and his wife. It will not be easy for two of the most powerful members of the entire Marvel universe to hide their true essence, thus appearing in the eyes of all constantly nervous and awkward. All the episodes will be seasoned with jokes and artificial laughter - typical of sitcoms - on their ambiguous condition (playing a lot on the artificiality of Vision and on the fact that for this reason it does not need to eat). During the episode, their difficulty in answering personal questions, such as their origin or their marriage, stands out. Many of these details will make the whole thing much more curious e interesting, given the many unknowns that these first episodes will leave to the spectators.

Episode 2

For this second part of WandaVision, we can immediately see how it is set in a different era. Probably around the 70s, given the notable change in style (as regards clothes and hair). From this we can deduce that each episode will have its own particularity. The plot of this second episode will focus on our protagonists who will try to relate more and more with colleagues and neighbors. There will, of course, be many funny scenes in which both will have to use their super powers without getting caught. Compared to the last episode, however, there will be some events that will make the viewer particularly intrigued. Certainly starting from this moment the ambiguity they will be more and more, hoping to be able over time to clarify, confirming or denying the various hypotheses that surely each of you is making.

Before moving on to the hypotheses, we remind you that this paragraph may contain SPOILERS on the plot, and consequently we invite you to continue reading only if you have already finished watching the first two episodes.

Within the previous titles of the Marvel Cinematic Universe definitely the characters of Scarlet Witch e Vision they have no marginal role. As we said earlier, they are indeed considered by many to be two of the most powerful superheroes. As you unfortunately all know, during the battle against Thanos, Vision (as well as other of the Avengers) loses his life. This immediately leads us to ask ourselves in what historical moment (always following the events of the MCU) we find ourselves during the events of WandaVision. We are 100% certain that everything will take place after Avengers: Age of Ultron, a film in which both protagonists make their first appearance. It is therefore obvious to everyone that the various settings (60s / 70s / 80s) of the new series are only a stylistic choice, and nothing else. As a first hypothesis we can remember that, after Captain America: Civil War, the two have "retired to private life". Although their transfer to Europe was known, the events of WandaVision could be one small parenthesis of their daily life at that time. Hypothesis even less likely is the one that, in one way or another, Vision is back to life. Quite impossible to believe since its existence was only possible thanks to the gem of the mind, which has now been destroyed. Last hypothesis, the most probable one, is the possibility that Scarlet Witch - thanks to its ability to manipulate reality - created this world to finally live her dream life with the man of her life (or, maybe there was closed inside by someone holding her captive).

We just have to wait for the next few weeks to find out the next episodes, and what lies behind the perfect - and apparent - life that Wanda Maximoff and Vision have managed to create.

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