WandaVision - Review of the fifth episode of the Disney + series

Like every week since last January 15th, on Disney + the new episode of WandaVision, the first television series that is part of the fourth phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe and created exclusively for the aforementioned streaming platform which will soon turn one year after its arrival. After taking us with a huge flashback outside of Westview with the last episode, in this fifth episode we will return to the small town of New Jersey which, as usual, will once again change the decade in which it will be set. Will we finally be able to find out who is controlling this anomaly that is holding more than 3000 unwitting citizens hostage?

WandaVision ... "in blue jeans"

After the huge and unexpected change of point of view took place in the last episode, with this fifth episode we return to the sitcom set in Westview, where we find our beloved protagonists now new parents struggling with their newborn twins Tommy and Billy. As it was obvious to expect, even in this episode the sitcom jumps a decade to catapult us directly into the middle of the Years' 80, in a succession of events that take inspiration from TV series of that period such as "Parents in blue jeans","Super Vicki"Or"The Robinsons". However, unlike the first three episodes, where all the events were concentrated entirely within the sitcom, in this fifth episode there will be a continuous change of points of view between what happens within the Westview anomaly, also called "Hexagon”Given its particular shape, and the SWORD plant, located right at the entrance to the town of New Jersey, where poor Monica Rambeau was found and rescued after Wanda had decided to throw her out of the city. Thanks to her, however, the agents of the investigative unit were able to collect as much information as possible regarding the anomaly, such as the fact that people are forced to play their character through violent mental manipulation, or how every object or person that ends up in it is immediately modified and adapted to the historical period in which the homonymous sitcom "WandaVision" is set.

With this new knowledge, therefore, SWORD is trying to find a way at least to communicate with Wanda and Vision, who in the new episode of the sitcom are looking after their twin babies, helped by an Agnes in spandex who instead of doing gymnastics has offer to make the babies fall asleep, which suddenly grow by 5 years under the eyes of the neighbor, who remained strangely impassive to this extraordinary fact that instead leaves her parents astonished. These continuous events out of the ordinary affect a lot Vision, who already in recent episodes had begun to understand that there was something wrong in Westview, which will become official once he goes to his workplace, which in the meantime has become modern and with a computer for each employee. In the office, after having exchanged a few words with his colleague Standard, Vision reads an email that the SWORD sent to the PCs inside the sitcom to try to communicate, and by now fully aware of being inside an anomaly he decides to use his powers to talk to the real Norm, who desperately asks him to call his sister on the phone and begs him to stop this.

Will or compulsion?

One of the mysteries that most of all involves the characters of WandaVision is whether they are aware that they are trapped inside a sitcom that jumps from decade to decade or if they are controlled by a force majeure which not only allowed the creation of this alternate reality that holds more than 3000 people hostage, but which has even managed to resurrect Vision. This duality will find some small answers in this extraordinary episode, which will however give way to as many questions regarding the nature of the anomaly; that it was born from the non-acceptance of the loss of a woman with immense telepathic and telekinetic powers, or maybe she too will have fallen into the yoke of some evil entity that is exploiting her to obtain something that only she can give him?

The episode also runs a lot on death theme, which is repeatedly taken into consideration both by the children of Wanda and Visione, who will have to face the loss of something very dear to them, and by the same Scarlett Witch, who will have to mull over the people she loves to whom she had to say goodbye too soon. This will also prompt her to think about the anomaly in which she is living and where she has been locked up (or where she has been locked up) in the last few weeks - and which she would also seem to control, at least in part -, with a twist on the final bars capable of displace not only the characters of the series, but also the viewer who will see the return of an old character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but with a totally different look, an unexpected move to say the least that is, however, incredibly apt for the nature of the show, which continues to surprise from week to week and which once again has managed to meet the expectations of fans and enthusiasts, who now will certainly not see the time to find out how things will evolve inside and outside Westview!

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