WandaVision - Preview of the awaited MCU TV series on Disney +

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Difficult to think but we are orphans of productions dedicated to Marvel Cinematic Universe for some time. After seeing Spider-Man: Far From Home, we didn't get to discover Black Widow due to the postponement that came knocking on our doors and we've been without our favorite superheroes for quite a while. WandaVision represents, as well as a welcome return to that world born with the first Iron Man, also the first time that a TV series is conspicuously part of the MCU (if in fact some series like Agents of SHIELD occasionally had connections, they were not directly related to the characters seen in the cinema). WandaVision However, it is not a series like the others: to highlight the concept, the one that sees these two fantastic characters, for some time now part of the Marvel film world, become from supporting actors who were to real protagonists, but not of some film rich in d action or adrenaline, but a kind of SitCom.

WandaVision in fact offers 9 episodes of variable duration (about 20/30 minutes) that they see Wanda Maximoff e Vision enjoy urban life in a quiet city area. Between gags and funny situations, a little also with the desire to hide their powers, here is that the two Avengers will find themselves living a life that, compared to past days, is black and white. But where have these past days gone? We've seen the first 3 episodes of the series, and here's what we can say for now (no spoilers of course).

A layered TV series

The interesting thing about WandaVision it concerns precisely the way in which it is proposed: unlike what was thought, the various episodes are exclusively episodes from SitCom where the two characters will find themselves living "normal" events, as if the past days had never existed (we have the our theories, but we will talk about them separately). Yet sometimes things don't come back, but despite everything, life runs smoothly between work and everyday life. This is the surface layer of the work, the context that defines WandaVision as a tribute to SitCom and their origin.

The actors did everything to replicate that effect, from studying dozens and dozens of past productions to shooting the first episode with the audience in the hall, just like in the past. Under this layer, however, Marvel fans will hardly fail to see that something is wrong: the events experienced since Age of Ultron with Wanda and Vision (although she appeared in the ending of Winter Soldier while Bettany has always lent her voice to JARVIS) cannot have disappeared, and every now and then the series manages to put some doubts in our heads, without however giving us concrete answers.

The last layer, therefore, is the truth, something that probably WandaVision he will reveal us at times: if in fact it is possible to have some small idea after three episodes, there are still too many unknowns not to define them as suppositions. Here then is that the work is not a simple TV series homage to SitCom, but it becomes a kind of interactive production, asking the viewer to connect the dots: rest assured, they will probably give us all the answers in the end, but it will be interesting to chat about these ideas with you in the days to come.


The intriguing part of WandaVision is that, excluding the action seen in the films, it still remains an "adrenaline" series: the various scenes, which however reflect different eras of SitCom over the course of the episodes, fitting various elements such as the vertical plot of the episode or the gags, do not give the viewer a second of breath, because just when you are about to distract yourself will appear, in the most intelligent way possible, some easter egg, a detail or information that could give you the next clue to reach the resolution of the intricate puzzle that is WandaVision. In all this, you will even have to be careful to see the various technical details used in the various episodes: every music, every single shot and every script is in fact inspired by SitCom of various types which, as in a time travel, will lead you to experience every decade. of this television format.

Also fantastic to see the two actors, Elizabeth olsen e Paul Bettany, give new colors to the characters in an intelligent, dynamic and never banal way. Not least the supporting actors, starting from the one played by Teyonah Parris to the nosy neighbor who has the face of Kathryn Hahn. We already know that other characters will appear in the course of the series, but we leave you the surprise in case you have not read anything around.

At the moment WandaVision not only is it a welcome return to MCU, but it is also a particular approach to that world that we have often seen in one way only, and which now thanks to these TV series can explore new dynamics. Comic book readers may already be used to it, but it is not uncommon to read dedicated books (indeed, if you are interested we refer you to our article where we suggest four readings dedicated to these two superheroes) to completely different styles, where perhaps instead of having the classic superhero vs supervillain approach, there is a different proposition that leads the reader to find characters he knows but in different contexts. In short, if these are the premises, it seems that Feige has found the center also for what concerns the Disney + TV series.

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