WandaVision: heavy spoilers on episodes 5 and 6 leaked online

WandaVision, The series The Marvel movies starring superheroes Wanda Maximoff e Vision, is having great success among fans of the cinematic universe based on the famous Stan Lee comics. Available exclusively on Disney Plus, the series has reached its fourth episode and the next appointment is set for 5 February. However it has been reported that episodes 5 and 6 are already available online in the wrong way, accomplices of leakers that they would also have shared on various social heavy spoilers on the events that will happen in the series.

It would seem that Disney is taking serious action in this regard. Given the gravity of the situation, rumors are already circulating about a possible lawsuit against the person responsible behind these actions. WandaVision spoilers are already disappearing from the internet, however the damage is now done and for sure that won't stop Disney from looking for the culprit. Due to these unexpected events there are rumors of a possible release of both episodes always on February 5th. Since the information on the two episodes is now in the public domain, Disney will have thought of limiting the damage by anticipating the release of the sixth episode by a week.

WandaVision is set right after the last film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka Avengers Endgame. The story follows the events of Wanda (Scarlet Witch) who to hide her powers creates an alternate universe together with Vision where to hide. The two therefore attempt to lead a normal life in a fictional city suburb called Westview, however, something seems not to go the right way… The series, after a departure that divided the viewers, immediately gained acclaim after the release of episodes 3 and 4 which were appreciated by most. There mini series Disney opens up to the world of MCU spin-offs and other productions are already in the pipeline such as Falcon and the Winter Solider and the series dedicated to Loki.

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