WandaVision: has a fanart revealed the true identity of one of the protagonists?

The sixth episode of WandaVision introduced interesting new characters to the series, which could change the story and the fate of the protagonists. The following article may contain major plot spoilers, so if you haven't seen it yet, we advise you not to continue reading!


The latest episode of the series seems to have finally introduced the character of Quicksilver in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans then launched into all kinds of theories about the character, and some imagined a decidedly dark future for the character, thinking of him as Mephisto in a beautiful fan art. L'episode 6 of the series showed us the Quicksilver of Evan Peters in action, but what fans have seen may have confirmed that the character is not the "X-Men version" of Pietro Maximoff.

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With the Infinity Saga now finished, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now moving forward with its own Phase 4. Phase that will not only evolve from the cinematic side, but also with exclusive streaming TV programs on Disney+. These series, unlike the Marvel's shows Netflix, will have a direct impact on the films. Obviously, Wandavision's Quicksilver has superhuman speed and reflexes, just like the previous version, but there's a big difference to X-Men's Quicksilver. In X-Men, Quicksilver explained that because of his incredible speed, if he took someone with him, the effects of high-speed friction caused by air resistance could injure the other person. So to protect the person in question, he had to support the back of the head in order to prevent the neck of the person being transported from breaking. In WandaVision, this does not happen. Indeed, it seems to be able to transport people without consequences. This is the great proof that this version of the Quicksilver has the same powers as that of Age of Ultron and therefore is not exactly the one seen in the X-Men movies.

As the debate raged on social media, Raf Grassetti he chose to offer his interpretation of the character in a truly artistic form. Taking a cue from the style of the contents of your profile Instagram, the Sony Santa Monica Art Director has expressed his praise for WandaVision so far, as well as his enthusiasm for the future of the series. As a well-known fan of Mephisto, Grassetti also hoped to see him jump into action soon. In order to make his dreams come true, he drew on his experience in video game design to imagine Peters in the diabolical role.

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