Wandavision: Filming of the Marvel series will resume in July

It is well known by now that the Disney intends to focus heavily on its streaming platform, that is Disney +. In fact, various original products are planned, including several television mini-series which will make up part of the Phase 4 of Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of these series, WandaVision, will see protagonists Elizabeth olsen in the role of Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff e Paul Bettany in those of Vision.

The health emergency that hit the entire globe, however, forced Disney to temporarily pause all projects currently in progress, and WandaVision was no exception. Recently, however, the Comic Convention of Tampa Bay shared a post on his official Facebook account where it was mentioned that Paul Bettany will be busy shooting the Disney + TV series in July and will therefore not be able to attend the event. Here is the post in question:

We heard from Paul Bettany reps and sadly Paul had to cancel his attendance at this year's TBCC as he was called back by Disney for filming WandaVision, which he will film in July in Los Angeles. We are working on getting new guests!

Despite this news, Disney has not currently released any official release on the restart of production.

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