WandaVision episode 9: watch out for secret scenes

For all passionate fans of the event series WandaVision, available on the streaming platform of Disney +, in fact, it seems there are interesting secret scenes and hidden elements present after the end of the final episode released today, so we recommend that you absolutely do not skip the credits and watch the episode entirely so as not to miss absolutely anything of one of the series Most popular TVs of recent times completely dedicated to the character of Wanda of the world The Marvel movies. We leave you the post on Twitter by IGN on the topic.

The secret contents are two short video revelation one in the middle and one at the end of the credits and you can see them after the epilogue of theepisode 9 of WandVision, are a typical format for Marvel movies, with interesting small contributions that significantly expand the narrative events of the main film. After all, Wanda is a particularly well-known and appreciated face by fans of the cinematic universe MCU who made his very first appearance already in the film Avengers Age Of Ultron of 2015, among other things enjoying considerable success. It is therefore not surprising that Disney wanted to dedicate a real TV series to us about one of the most interesting characters in the cinecomics world.

PSA: WandaVision Episode 9 has both mid-credits and post-credits scenes - don't switch off too early!

- IGN (@IGN) March 5, 2021

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