WandaVision: a new clip reveals Westview's past

It looks like the secrets of Westview are about to be finally revealed. The first three episodes of WandaVision, Marvel series aired on Disney + they have revealed very little about the city they live in Wanda e Vision, but something sinister lurks beneath its surface. In the new episode on Friday, we will finally be given a taste of what lies outside the town, and above all we will discover new details about the organization Sword. Today, Disney and Marvel have released a brand new clip, which gives us a first look at the character of Darcy Lewis.

The clip begins with Monica rambeau (known in Westview as Geraldine) is Jimmy woo approaching an energy field, which seems to surround the city. Both the characters wear Sword jackets, confirming that they are working with the mysterious organization. The end of the clip then reveals the presence of Darcy Lewis, played by Kat Dennings, which returns to theMCU after starring in Thor: The Dark World. Judging by Rambeau's attraction to the energy field, it looks like this episode could tell the story of how Sword got involved in the events surrounding the Westview city. This would mean that the episode will take place before the events of the first three episodes. This new clip also teased us that Vision could come into open conflict with Wanda. Previous trailers had in fact shown them as willing to do anything to protect their city.

The episode should therefore provide us with a flashbacks of what happened to Wanda after the events of Endgame and what caused the force field to form and its seemingly perfect life. To be sure, we just have to wait for the 24 hours that separate us from the fourth episode, which seems to open some doors on the intricate plot and on the mysterious characters of WandaVision.

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