Wanda and Vision: the unmissable volumes to prepare for the Marvel TV series

Ahead of tomorrow's release WandaVision, the very first branded TV series Marvel Studios to debut on Disney + and which will officially open the doors for Phase 4 of the MCU, Panini Comics suggests four volumes to recover to discover the whole story of the two famous Avengers of the house of Ideas and perfect to accompany the vision of the show, which we remind you will combine classic American sitcoms with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will feature ben 9 episodes.

She's a superheroine endowed with the power to manipulate and alter reality; he's a "syntezoid”, Half man and half robot, with extraordinary powers, including the ability to fly and to change one's density and go through things. I'm Wanda e Vision, the most incredible couple ofUniverse The Marvel movies as well as two of the most important and beloved Avengers, of which it is possible to discover in the volumes published by Panini Comics the origins and the most exciting events on the occasion of the arrival of WandaVision su Disney + from tomorrow, 15st January.

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WandaVision - Preview of the awaited MCU TV series on Disney + ❯
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