Waking, announced the indie with a trailer at the Future Games Show

The long-awaited event was held starting at 23pm on this wonderful evening Future games show, a digital showcase organized by the duration of GamesRadar lasting an hour and covering some of the most important videogame works of 2020. Surprisingly, a brand new indie has been announced with a short one-minute trailer: created by TinyBuild e Jason Oda, Waking it will have a plot linked to the internal struggle against a deep coma. The title will land on Xbox One and Steam starting from the next 18nd June.

In addition to this important announcement, a new short gameplay video was shown regarding the highly anticipated Quantum error, space horror coming up PlayStation 5. Wishing you good viewing, we remind you that the game will be in the third person and will bring the players into the mind of a person who dies and who is in coma.

As you move away from the "light”And of death, you will be able to conjure up memories of loved ones to help fight enemies, which aim to prevent you from ever waking up. Stuck in the darkness of a coma, dreams. In the back of your mind, voices call you home, beckoning you to the light and emptiness beyond. But it's not your time. Not yet.

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