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    Virtua Tennis 4 Trophy List [PS3]

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    Virtua Tennis 4 Trophy List [PS3]


    Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Virtua Tennis 4

    Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


    Beginner arcade
    Complete a stage in Arcade mode.
    Doubles Beginner
    Complete a stage in Double Arcade mode.
    Ace of the single
    Complete Single Mode.
    Ace of Doubles
    Complete Double Mode.
    Stella arcade
    Get 5.000.000 Player Score.
    Arcade hero
    Get 7.770.000 Player Score.
      Medal collector
    Earn three "Points Won" medals.
    Terror of balloons
    Pop 30 balloons in Training mode.
    Play 10 exhibition matches.
    Break 5 targets with one shot in Skeet Shooting.
    Mother hen
    Help 10 chicks at the same time find their mum in Egg Collection.
    Hawk eye
    Score 3 goals in a row in Penalty.
    Detonate 20 bombs in the opponent's field in Hot Potato.
    Son of the wind
    Pop 3 balloons in Breeze Match.
    Genius of the wall
    Hit the wall 5 times with the ball in Battimuro.
    World debut
    Join the World Tour.
    World tour completed!
    Complete the game.
    Get the rating: Famous.
    Good mate
    Unlock 3 selectable companions.
    My style
    Get a style of play.
    100 stars!
    Earn 100 stars.
    20 awards!
    Get 20 rewards.
    Get 1.000.000 cash prizes.
    Shopping lover
    Purchase 50 different items from the Accessories Catalog shop.
    Online debut
    Play online with a custom player.
    First online win
    Win a ranked match.
    Series online
    Win three ranked matches in a row.
    10 wins!
    Win 10 games.
    What a pleasure!
    Win 10 games leaving your opponent at zero.
    MAX Poker
    Perform 4 serves in a row at full power.
    Infinite exchange
    Perform a 30-shot swap.
    Loved by the public
    Perform a running shot.
    All for all
    Do a diving shot.
    Lightning-fast service
    Beat a serve at at least 200 km / h.
    Marathon runner
    Run 42km.
    Automatic arm
    Roll 5.000 flip.
    Genius of the bottom shots
    Score 100 points with bottom shots.
    Genius of volleys
    Score 100 points on volley.
    Check mate
    Defeat King in singles in Arcade mode.
    Royal Flush Collector
    Get 10 Royal Flushes in Royal Poker.
    Collect 1.000 coins in Coin Hunter.
    Get Rating: Affirmed.
    Network expert
    Accumulate 10 hours of online matches.
    Great hitter
    Perform 250 serves at full power.
    Super tennis player
    Perform 100 Super Throws.
    Run 250 smashes.
    Network star
    Reach rank A.
    Get Rating: Superstar.
    God of Tennis
    Collect every trophy.


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