Vincent Cassel considers cinecomic films for children

After that, some time ago, Martin Scorezese defined i Cinecomics more like a theme park than real films, many actors, directors and show businessmen have rebelled against the domination that Marvel Studios e Warner Bros they are having on the film world. This time it is the turn of Vincent Cassel, known for his roles in the films Underwater and The Black Swan, who just landed the part of a tech-like supervillain for the third season of Westworld. The well-known actor claimed, in an interview with Inverse, that he is not a fan of cinecomics, although as a child he was fond of comics.

As a child I was a huge fan of comics, but today I don't like movies based on them. Even if in a part of me I am still a child, no I would not be able to look at them. If I was ever offered a part for a cinecomic, I would only accept it if it was a supervillain in a film written and directed by people so smart that it doesn't make it look like a children's title. In other cases, due to past experiences, I would never accept such a long-term job to participate in a film that I myself would not watch.

Despite Cassel had been a fan of comic book movies and praised the use of innovative technology since the world of cinecomics exploded - particularly since the release of Iron Man in 2008 - claims to have totally lost interest. It is difficult to find a reason for all the complaints from different actors towards the world of superheroes. Could it be jealousy given the success of all the films released and the public hype for the upcoming ones? We cannot have certain news, we can only continue to look forward to the publication of the next one cinecomic. We, as usual, will not fail to keep you updated.

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