Vikings: Michael Hirst explains why the series will end with the sixth season

Vikings has managed, over time, to carve out an excellent following with a fair number of fans. The series is expected to end next year, except in the case of possible postponements. After his debut on History, Vikings prepares to final greeting with the last season, which will premiere in 2021 su Amazon Prime Video. Even with the knowledge that many fans do not want to see the end of their favorite series, the showrunner Michael Hirst, during an interview, said that the final batch of episodes will have a really satisfying narrative line, anticipating something about the probable implications of the plot.

In an interview for Gamespot, the author stated that season 6 is the right time to end the adventures of the Viking Ragnarr Loðbrók: I knew in a global sense where I was going in the end, he said.

He continues saying:

And it was very satisfying, in a way, when we got to what I knew was going to be last season. I started out and was fascinated by their culture and beliefs, and I wanted to reverse all these prejudices and clichés about them. Then, I fell in love with these main characters. Often my days and nights for seven years have been filled with Vikings. You know, I was writing until 12pm, commuting to Ireland every week. It was time to end the saga. 

Michael Hirst explains how complex it was to arrive at a narrative conclusion of the various plots, still managing to do justice to each character. The author admits that his affection for the characters was fundamental to close this chapter of his career in the best possible way:

I felt I was able to conclude with satisfying and justified endings. I hope the audience appreciates what I have heard, because I love these characters and this work was very important to me.

Hirst anticipated that the last season will not be without anguish, as being able to finish a series like Vikings prompts a conclusion with some goodbyes hard to accept:

It was emotional and sad, because it meant killing some of my favorite characters.

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