Video games to spend Valentine's Day with your other half

Valentine's day, the party of the lovers. The explosion of gallantry, creative flair (and cholesterol) that every February 14 makes the hearts of all couples beat. During this particular holiday, the vast majority of these lovebirds organize special activities to make this moment unforgettable every year. Clearly we gamers are no less, and therefore it is good to exploit this event in the most alternative and nice way possible, taking full advantage not only of the mere theme of love within a videogame product, but also the various components that manage to make the video game an enjoyable couple activity. This Valentine's Day we want to offer you a list of video games to use to make the day with your or your partner unforgettable! Clearly this is not a ranking, but of proposals in no particular order, so sit back and choose together the one that suits you best!

Ibb & Obb

Arrived for quite some time on the platforms of the last generation, but also on PC via Steam and with a Switch version already announced, Ibb & Obb is a nice and cute co-op title. What better way to spend the holiday of lovers than with a title that sees you committed to collaborating? In fact, in this intriguing puzzle game, the two players will have to exploit different mechanics, but also the color of their little avatar, to continue their journey through an inspired and dreamy world in two dimensions. Small puzzles, platforming stages, and accessible challenges to overcome side by side!

Portal 2

The jewel doesn't need too many introductions VALVE, the brilliant first-person puzzle game that uses teleportation portals as the main tool for solving environmental puzzles. However, in addition to a long-lived single-player mode, satisfying both in gameplay and in plot developments, Portal 2 features an amazing cooperative multiplayer mode. Also in this case the synergy between the two players is essential for the success of the various levels (in which we will impersonate two nice little robots), which will have to remain in close contact and coordinate to the nearest thousandth to proceed in the game. A wonderful way to unite with your partner not only with feelings, but also with the mind!

Degrees of Separation

This time it is feelings that we are talking about, with the romantic and touching Degrees of Separation, which debuted on various platforms exactly on Valentine's Day last year. As you can also read in our review, this title is the videogame translation of a poem, the poetry of movements, of contrast, and of the continuous journey of coexistence despite the sharp contrast and diversity. An extremely delicate puzzle game, which will warm up the cold February evenings together with the person who is by your side.

A Way Out

But who said that to have fun as a couple you have to be honeyed? So here with his multiplayer couch, A Way Out stands out as one of the most functional logical choices to spend Valentine's Day! A story that despite its brevity is full of interesting ideas, an unexpected depth that envelops both protagonists, twists and many activities to distract oneself during the journey of the fugitives. If you are not in the mood for fuss, but still want to feel the warmth of your sweetheart sitting on the sofa next to you, there is no better choice.

Catherine Full Body


Strengthened not only by an extremely well-structured puzzle component, a very intriguing level of challenge and a plot that pushes the player to go deeper and deeper, Catherine Full Body has several features that make it a game extremely in line with the party of lovers. If we remove the fact that love alone is already the main engine of the story of, together with all the insecurities of the protagonist, during the course of the game we will be confronted with many moral dilemmas, who will certainly know how to spice up the evening by having to answer uncomfortable questions with their partner next to them. If you have skeletons in the closet and you just don't want to open it, take advantage of the fun and challenging multiplayer mode of the Atlus title!

Lego DC Super Villains

Not everyone is led to adventures with complicated resolutions, or to such intricate plots that even Holmes should think locally. So what better time to enter the world of LEGO video games? Although they are extremely enjoyable both alone and in company, when facing the adventure as a couple these games manage to entertain the players without pretensions. Lego DC Super Villains in particular, it can be the perfect product to live an adventure with your partner: simple, direct, and with a plot that, putting us on the side of the bad guys, leaves room for twists and turns that are more than interesting!

New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe


Could a title belonging to the undisputed king of Nintendo platformers be missing from the list? Absolutely not! If you have a Nintendo Switch, the game you are looking for to have fun on Valentine's Day with your boyfriend or girlfriend, is clearly New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe! Second child, after the release on the less fortunate Wii U console, this title manages to amalgamate in all respects the challenge, cooperation, and sympathy typical of the world of Super Mario. Drawing on many of the classic styles of the series, but adapted for this generation, it is a timeless evergreen that will allow side-by-side play sessions for as long as you want!

Tekken 7

What is the ultimate game to play together? The first that comes to mind when it comes to playing with friends at home? Do not deny it, you can be of any age, but you cannot fail to think of the fighting game that more than any other has marked the generations. We are talking clearly about the series of Tekken, the title where, at an amateur level, everyone is able to have their say. Tekken 7 he is the latest arrival in the house Bandai Namco, and certainly the best candidate to take on the burden of the romantic holiday ... with blows. Already we see you, with a pad each, ready to spend the evening with the blanket on your legs, side by side, and give you a holy reason virtually in the name of love! A quick, straightforward title, of which as much as it stays true to the same mechanics all the time… we'll never get enough of it.

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