Video games in the time of the coronavirus, between initiatives and promos for the public

In this long period of quarantine, many people suddenly found themselves with a lot of free time. Just to make these days of social isolation more "bearable", some software houses and videogame companies have decided to implement various initiatives to face the emergency coronavirus, inviting users to rhyme safely at their homes enjoying a healthy dose of video games to entertain themselves with. For this reason, we have therefore decided to report below some of the main proposals made by the software houses in this difficult moment.


The well-known French company, to help all the inmates at home to pass the time, has decided to give away several video games - including Child of Light e Rayman Legends - throughout the month of April. To get the titles for free, all you need is an account Uplay and, once you enter the store, redeem the gift from the appropriate section, which will then be added to your library. At the moment the offer seems to be limited to PC users only.


The Kyoto house, on its own, has decided not only to support the fight against the coronavirus by donating well 9.500 masks to the American rescue teams, but simplifying the game mechanics of Pokémon Go and "giving" 100 PokéBalls, in order to entice their users not to leave the house. For facilitate the in-game experience, PokéStops will more easily release PokéBalls, healing tools, Friendship Packs, and so on, while aromas will last much longer. Finally, given the circumstances, so too Pokémon spawn wild has been increased, in order to facilitate the appearance of the adorable monsters near our homes.

CD Projekt RED and

Just like Nintendo, too CD Projekt RED has decided to support the fight against the coronavirus by almost donating one million euros to Polish healthcare. The software house specified that the entire sum went to one of the largest charitable associations of his country, the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, which will spend it on purchasing the medical equipment needed to face the pandemic. Also on the, the digital store of the well-known Polish development team, the "Stay at home and play something" campaign was launched, making available to users 27 games which can be downloaded for free from the store catalog. You can consult the titles available from the following dedicated page.

Rockstar Games

Unlike other software houses, which have decided to "pay homage" to gamers with free titles, Rockstar Games has decided to donate 5% of the proceeds of GTA Online and Red Dead Online to support relief measures for COVID-19. The charity campaign of the US videogame company began last April 1st, and will continue until the end of May.

The initiative undertaken by the digital store is also interesting, released by Leaf Corcoran in March 2013, which made a selection (constantly updated) of some excellent indie titles with the slogan “Games to help you stay inside”. In addition, the store has several limited-time promotions, which however may no longer be available.

Respawn Entertainment

The American software house founded by Jason West e Wins Zampella decided to thank the couriers, who despite the difficult period are still forced to work, giving away them different Blu-ray and video games, among which Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order e Anthem.

Humble Bundle 

The well-known site for the digital distribution of collections of videogames, apps, programs, music albums and ebooks, to support the charitable cause against the COVID-19, made available to the price of 28 € an exclusive bundle, called Humble Conquer COVID-19 Bundle, containing within it 24 books in digital format and well 45 video games. According to the information reported by the site, the bundle in question is available only for a limited period, so we do not know if the offer will be further extended.

Epic Games Store

Last but not least we find theEpic Games Store, that regardless of the health emergency caused by the COVID-19, has cheered its users by increasing the number of free video games. In fact, in the last period the well-known digital store has given respectable titles, including: Watch Dogs, World War Z (to stay on the epidemic theme) and Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments, available starting from Thursday 9 April.



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