Video games in 2021: here are the 10 titles we look forward to the most

Il 2020 it is now over. A different year from the previous ones, which has brought many differences, both in the daily life of each of us, and in the videogame industry. As we have abundantly explained in our previous article, the year just ended represented an important turning point for the entire sector. With the arrival of the next-gen, PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X / S, it's time to look to the future, obviously to the future of video games! It is therefore for this reason that we have selected the titles coming out in 2021 that we look forward to most, both as regards the highly anticipated returns, such as the new events that will affect Kratos and his son Atreus in God of War: Ragnarok, both because, after months and months of rumor, if not years, we are about to get our hands on new IPs such as the incredible Hogwarts legacy. Without getting lost in further talk, then, let's see the 10 most anticipated video games of 2021!

Halo Infinite

Initially announced as an exclusive for Xbox Series X e Series S, Halo Infinte it is certainly one of the titles we look forward to most. You want it because we can't wait to return to the role of the heroic Master Chief, or because finally the new Microsoft console will be able to flex its muscles, the FPS of 343 Industries it had to be in this article! The postponement of the title after the criticisms received regarding the first gameplay video of the game, which showed some very evident technical defects, gives us hope that the division Xbox - publisher of the game - has straightened the shot and can propose a title that lives up to expectations.

Resident evil village

If at the first rumor it concerned Resident evil village and in the presence of werewolves you were a bit dazed, rest assured, you are not the only ones! Yet, after that first trailer and after discovering that among the main characters of the game there will be chris Redfield, one of the most beloved protagonists of the series, our hype has skyrocketed. The first Resident Evil on next-gen this cannot and must not disappoint us Capcom he knows it well! We are therefore quite confident about the success of this eighth main chapter.

Horizon: Forbidden West

The adventure of Aloy it was incredible, especially for the beauty of the settings to which Horizon Zero Dawn got us used to it. A dystopian future, governed by nature and mammoth machines, which made us fall in love with it since the first trailer. With Horizon: Forbidden West we will continue to follow the story of our heroine, in a completely unexplored territory. Despite some concerns regarding the cross-gen nature of the title, we hope that, as stated by Jim Ryan, the PS4 version of the game will not affect the making of the next-gen version.

Hogwarts legacy

Rumor, rumor and more rumor. How long did we have to wait for an official reveal of Hogwarts legacy? Definitely too much, but luckily that day has arrived, along with a spectacular trailer and lots of details. An RPG set in the incredible Wizarding World, a real dream for all potterheads. The title developed by Avalanche Software, moreover, it will be set a century before the birth of Harry Potter - finally, can we say it? -, and will therefore explore a completely new part of the Wizarding World of JK Rowling.

Gotham Knights

And even here we have read too many rumors and, despite what we have been able to admire it differs greatly from what we expected, the new title of Warner Bros. Montreal is certainly one of the most anticipated of 2021. After the saga of Batman: Arkham, developed by Rocksteady Studios, another work inspired by the exploits of the bat man is about to arrive. We obviously speak of Gotham Knights, the new co-op adventure that will see four members of the Bat-Family at the center of the action: Red Hood, Robin, Batgirl e Nightwing. Despite the differences from previous Batman titles, WB's action RPG has all it takes to be a truly memorable title that we can't wait to play!

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

If you weren't blown away by the very first Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart gameplay video, we congratulate you, because we are still looking for our jaws. Jokes aside, the new iteration of the Ratchet & Clank series seems to represent just the generational leap we've been waiting for and that promises incredible fluidity, thanks to the speed of the PlayStation 5 SSD, which will allow the introduction of unique features, such as the shift between dimensions that we have seen in the various trailers.

God of War: Ragnarok

The epic of Kratos e Atreus will continue in the next God of War: Ragnarok and we are no longer in the skin, but on the other hand, after the God of War ending in 2018, you certainly can't blame us. It took literally a few seconds, those of the very first teaser trailer shown about three months ago, to make us jump out of the chair. The questions are still many, we know practically nothing about the game, but the hype is also sky high. In 2021, Santa Monica Studios will answer all the questions of the players and, above all, also the most important: will Kratos pass the baton to his son Atreus?

Kena: Bridge of Spririts

The work of Ember Lab looks like one of the most promising of those to be released in 2021. With its colorful world in full Disney Pixar style, Kena: Bridge of Spirits is preparing to break into the hearts of all owners of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. It is a action adventure truly intriguing, which seems to have its say among the most important video games in the industry. We could not therefore, not include it in this ranking, hoping that it will meet expectations.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo he's about to come back, and he couldn't do it better! The seventh chapter of the license plate series Polyphony Digital seems to be in splendid shape, thanks to a first-rate technical sector. 4K, HDR, 60 FPS, Ray Tracing e 3D Tempest Audio come together in what is, without a doubt, the most anticipated racing game of all 2021.

Final Fantasy XVI

Last, but certainly not least, is the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI. The exciting presentation trailer left us ecstatic and finally, after a long wait, we are ready to get our hands on the new chapter of the series. The action RPG of Square Enix it seems to be a real return to the past, which we talked about extensively in our special, which we invite you to recover. We therefore look forward to knowing some more details on the game in the course of 2021.

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