Video games: cinema and sport revenues exceeded in 2020

This 2020 has been a bad year for all of us in many ways, the COVID-19 has brought various realities to their knees such as entertainment but among all, despite the difficulties, they have managed to make their way i Games. This is a period where sporting events can only be enjoyed on television, the film industry struggles with having to rely solely on streaming to be able to keep going, and where concerts are only a distant memory. In all this chaos video games prevail which, despite having also suffered the problem of the pandemic, this year have managed to earn almost 180 billion dollars, seeing its audience grow considerably.

As mentioned, the video game industry has also encountered problems due to the virus that is bringing the globe to its knees, with employees of companies who have found themselves doing their work remotely. In this way, the continuous development of the development was guaranteed but there was also an extension of production times, both as regards the software and hardware parts of the platforms. A striking example was the release of the PlayStation 5 which still today is almost impossible to find in the world, also accompany it Xbox Series X / S which, despite having been much more available at launch than the console Sony, now they are also difficult to find.

As can be seen from the image above, it is possible to see how it is the mobile sector that prevails among the platforms, relying not only on paid applications, but also on the earnings that a free game can have thanks to the microtransactions within it. Among the different titles for smartphones it turns out to be PUBG is at the top of the charts, closely followed by Honor of Kings e Pokemon Go which is seen positioned third but with a clear gap between the first two in front of him.

As for consoles, industry greats such as Sony and Microsoft products they say they are happy with the number of sales achieved with the new next-gen platforms. Even cyberpunk 2077 is partly the winner, having managed to sell well 13 million copies and having almost completely offset the costs of production and marketing of the title. CD Projekt RED can therefore be considered partially satisfied, despite the continuing controversy over the video game.

In all this, streaming on Twitch has also benefited from the current situation. The well-known streaming platform has seen itself host the players of theNBA and the pilots of formula 1 entertain your audience while playing games such as NBA 2k20. Among the video games that are the masters there are also titles such as Among Us, winner of 2 ai TGA 2020, which owes its great success to the streamers who discovered it and brought it to their channels as entertainment with their friends and viewers.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon it was the perfect title for this period. Released during the lockdown, the Nintendo title gave players a way to focus on relaxing activities, such as decorating their small island, exploring it, and achieving simple in-game goals. Video games therefore as entertainment with other people but also used as an outlet or to relax from everything that is happening in the world. Being unable to go out, play sports or go to the cinema to watch a movie with our friends, many have thrown themselves into video games. The latter used not only as a pastime but also as a deeper experience capable of enriching us and being able to reconnect with those who are far from us, to combat all the negative feelings that this period have awakened in us. To continue doing this, we hope that this new year will bring us positive news for all of us and that the gaming industries will be able to do better to deal with work in situations like these.

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