Venom 2: the film will be made, but without co-creator Todd McFarlane

Fans of the universe The Marvel movies and in particular of Venom, they wonder when they will be able to see the return of their favorite superhero / villain to the big screen. Thanks to Venom, released in theaters on October 4 2018, the producers were able to tap into a side of the Spider-Man world, without the need for Marvel's Studios. After the first film, for a long time we had no news regarding a possible sequel. Now the news is certain, Venom 2 will be done: the original name will be Venom: Let There Be Carnage and will be released in theaters on June 25 2021. Unfortunately for many fans, one figure that is loudly requested will be missing: the co-creator Todd McFarlane. In an interview with ComicBook, McFarlane confirmed that he was not involved in the creation of the new Venom 2, stating:

As I have already told the fans, it wasn't me who asked to participate in the creation, and that's okay! It's not my property and someone is spending $ 100 million, so they can do whatever they want. This means that saying "Hey, maybe we should go talk to the guy who created it visually" would be correct, but not doing it is their prerogative.

He added:

I spend and invest money every day of my life, and when I do I expect to have the first say since I could lose out personally. As a businessman I understand why this is happening, it is right for them to do whatever they see fit. Sometimes you have fun, other times it's more complex and you have to make choices. That's why I keep my company.

We must also say that McFarlane he's very busy in Hollywood right now. Struggling with the film Detective Twitch - which will star the Oscar winner Jamie Foxx - he would not have been able to participate in the creation of Venom. As for the release of the new title, Tom Hardy was confirmed as the protagonist.

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