Venom 2: start shooting the second chapter

After the incredible box office success of Venom (856 million of dollars grossed all over the world), the making of a sequel to the film starring Tom Hardy it was just pure formality. After the announcement by Sony to have hired Andy Serkis as a director of Venom 2, now comes the announcement of the start of filming. However, this is not an official announcement in all respects, since it derives from a post published by Tom Hardy himself (the interpreter of Eddie Brock / Venom) on the his official Instagram account. The post was in fact deleted shortly after, but we have proof of its existence thanks to a screen made by a user and subsequently published on Reddit.

Venom 2 has started filming from MarvelStudiosSpoilers

Tom Hardy is no stranger to this kind of "stunt". In fact, it was he who announced Andy Serkis before Sony's official announcement. It is likely that in this circumstance he was invited by the production to delete the post, even if the damage had now been done.

Venom 2 is expected to showcase the clash between Venom and Carnage, which will be played by Woody Harrelson, already appeared in the scene in the middle of the credits of the first Venom. According to some rumors, Tom Holland should resume the role of Peter Parker thanks to the new agreement between Sony and Disney.

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Venom 2: Carnage's Fury officially postponed to a new date ❯
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