Venom 2: leaked two photos directly from the set

Venom 2 is currently in production, the continuation of the first chapter which saw the famous symbiote protagonist in a film entirely dedicated to him with Tom Hardy to play the poor reporter. The direction of the new film has been entrusted to Andy Serkis and Tom Hardy will obviously still be in the shoes of Eddie Brock aka Venom. It will also make its debut within the project as well Woody Harrelson who interprets Cletus Kasady aka Carnage, the character that we could see in the descents after the credits of the first film.

In the meantime, however, two photos of the set of Venom 2 escaped the protagonist, then promptly removed from the account but which we propose again below. In the first we can see the director on the set intent on shooting the film, in the second there is a clear reference to the nemesis Carnage. In fact, in the image it is possible to see the entrance to the St. Estes Home for Boys, or the orphanage that hosted Cletus Kasady.

It also seems that Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland) could join the cast with a cameo within the upcoming film on 2 October 2020. 

『# VENOM2』 Behind The Scenes

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Venom: comes the second trailer of the film with Tom Hardy arriving on October 4th ❯
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