Venom 2: here is the possible leak of some scenes with Carnage

A first taste of the possible look of Carnage could have leaked online from what should be a leak of the next trailer for Venom 2, still there is no certainty about the veracity of the thing but the images have greatly impressed the public of Reddit and Twitter who quickly spread the news. Unofficial sources say that a new trailer of the film will be released shortly which would show the official look of the film for the first time to the public. Carnage, the villain played by Woody Harrelson.

Obviously, the images as unofficial could simply be well-made fan made concept, but they definitely recall the style and atmosphere that will be in Venom 2, outgoing the October 2 2020.

The images taken from the hypothetical teaser trailer:

Virtually nothing official is known about the sequel to Venom, the film starring the famous symbiote. In addition to some images from the set, in fact, the production has preferred not to release official images and the synopsis of the plot yet. The direction of the new film has been entrusted to Andy Serkins, while we will see the return to the cast of Tom Hardy in the role of Eddie Brock e Michelle Williams in those of Anne Weying, Eddie's girlfriend. The post-credits scene left no doubt about the presence of Woody Harrelson in the role of Clatus Kasady, the famous serial killer who will bind to the symbiote Carnage. It also appears that Peter Parker (interpreted by Tom Holland) could join the cast with a cameo within the film but even this has not yet been made official.

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Venom 2: the film will be made, but without co-creator Todd McFarlane ❯
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