Vanguard: will the new IP of Remedy and Epic be a GaaS free to play?

According to what emerged in the past few hours, Remedy unveiled some related details on new projects under development, including the title fully funded by epic Games, Vanguard. According to the words of the well-known insider Nibel, the game in question could not only count on a rather substantial budget, but should see the light on consoles and PCs. So, despite the title being fully subsidized by the Cary-based development house, Remedy will remain the owner of the IP. The game (which should be a "multiplayer based on services and distributed as Free to Play"), would have already undergone a first phase of testing, obtaining quite promising results, so development should go live soon. We report in detail the words of Nibel:

Some details on the Epic x Remedy project

  • fully funded by Epic
  • coming to console and PC
  • "Significant marketing investment"
  • Remedy owns the IP

As some of you may remember. one of Remedy's upcoming projects is Vanguard; some details from their webcast:

  • Services-based F2P multiplayer game
  • Remedy's narrative / world-building strengths will be part of it
  • Development will start very soon, but the first tests are promising

Just announced by Sam Lake: "The next big Remedy game will take place in the [Remedy Connected Universe]". He also noted that the Alan Wake television show is making headway and that there is also a "high profile interest" in multimedia content on Control.

Looking forward to finding out more details about the nature of Vanguardand whether the latter will indeed be set in the same universe as Alan Wake and Jesse Faden, we remind you that tonight the 2020 edition of The Game Awards will be held, a highly anticipated event created and directed by Geoff keighley which will start at XNUMXam () and will see not only the awarding of the best titles released this year on consoles and PC, but will be the stage for some exclusive announcements. While waiting for the real event, we remind you that tonight at 22:30 pm will be our pre-show On the canal Twitch "Resources4GamingIt“, We are waiting for you!

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