Valve planned to make a Dark Souls-inspired RPG

As you well know, in the past few hours Valve has published a documentary entirely dedicated to the company's work in the videogame field. But that's not all, since during the short film the American giant revealed the existence of a new RPG ever announced, which was to draw inspiration from the iconic sagas of The Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls and Monster Hunter. According to what emerged from the video, the new Valve project, with the simple code name of "RPG" he never left the conceptual stage of production.

Additionally, the company envisioned releasing the title gradually, continually adding new content for gamers. Despite the development team we tried to save the title several times, trying to reuse the concept in other projects, unfortunately "RPG"Has never convinced the US giant, which was forced to delete it permanently. At first Valve was planning to make a single-player first-person role-playing game based on a character from DOTA named Ax. However, even this idea was shelved and the concept of this game was never revived. During the documentary the development team also focused on Left 4 Dead 3, which was originally supposed to be an open-world game teeming with zombies and other potential spin-offs from Left 4 Dead.

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