Valve, Gabe Newell unveils future plans after the success of Half-Life: Alyx

What's in the future of Valve? After a long period away from the gaming spotlight, the development house is back in the limelight in 2020 thanks to the virtual reality title Half-Life: Alyx, and it seems that its relaunch projects do not stop there. In a recent interview with 1 News, Gabe Newell, patron of the company that created Steam, revealed that Valve is planning to announce several new games over the next few months. According to what he revealed, then, these new titles will be single player experiences and based on stories and mechanics very similar to the ones we saw in Half-Life: Alyx.

We absolutely have video games in development and that we're going to announce, it's fun to release video games. Alyx was great, it was nice to go back to making single-player video games, she created a positive breath within the company to want to do more. I have managed not to talk about it for a long time and I hope to continue not talking until they become questions for their own sake. At that point we can move on to new questions. On the plus side, by not answering, I can prevent the community from asking new questions that are equally difficult to reply to.

Sadly, Gabe Newell didn't unbutton much when asked whether the company will launch new titles related to Half-Life or Portal. The great success encountered by Alyx, in fact, has certainly given new vigor to the company, which has produced one of the best titles present to date in the virtual reality panorama. This opens up several scenarios for Valve's future, and we can't yet know if the software house's next projects will be exclusively related to VR viewers, or if the next titles in development will tie into their flagship sagas or if they will be all new IPs

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