Valorant: two new videos to present the first season

Shortly after the long-awaited release of Valuing, the new branded shooter Riot Games released yesterday June 2 2020, all fans of the game were able to enjoy two videos in full style Riot. The company is in fact famous for its cinematic and his trailer, also loved by non-gamers. In fact, the lore - and therefore the videos about it - behind League of Legends, their most famous game, is infinite and detailed. Many aficionados have wondered when they could finally learn more about the history that revolves around Valuing and his heroes. As the first video, shared via their official Twitter profile, is the trailer for the first season of the game. Originally called Ignition ep.1 shows a short gameplay within the new map Ascent. The champions will clash Phoenix, Jett, rays and the newcomer Queen. Who knows that these heroes have not been chosen because they are considered in "meta".

We put in work. Watch the full official VALORANT launch gameplay trailer set on our newest map: Ascent.

- VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) June 2, 2020

In the second video, however, we can enjoy a real cinematic, as Riot has accustomed us to. It is about Duelist, a clash between Jett e Phoenix. We have the chance to start learning more about our favorite champions. Unfortunately there is still no news about their past, if not their country of origin, but we hope to be able to know other curiosities soon.

The fight's just getting started. VALORANT is out in the world and free to play now. Watch the full launch cinematic trailer at

- VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) June 2, 2020

All you have to do is download Valuing, available on the site, and enjoy the game while waiting to discover other curiosities. In the meantime, we report our article where we talk about the first patch released after the official release. Regarding all the upcoming news, we will not fail to keep you updated constantly.

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