Valorant: the new Q&A published on the official website

The brand new has just been published Ask VALORANT, released for the second time on the game's official website. The column, out every other week, answers the most popular questions among the players of the new shooter. Also this time we will deal with interesting topics, such as game between different regions - in different countries -, the mode of choice, and of a possible ban, of the samples and a possible new deathmatch style mode arriving. Below, all Q & A published on the site:

  • Are you planning to change the Aim Punch - the crosshair blast the moment you are hit - of the game? For example by customizing it for each weapon?

Answer given by the game designer Trevor Romleski: not at the moment, but there may be changes soon, for example, a decrease in impact when you are hit with a gun from far away.

  • Will there ever be a deathmarch mode?

Answer given by Jared Berbach: the mode deathmatch su Valuing will surely come. We don't have an official date yet, but we are already actively working on the project.

  •  Will there ever be the possibility to put the client in window mode, without having to keep it in fullscreen?

Answer from the from Steven Eldredge: this mode is not yet scheduled. At the moment it is possible to set both the game and the client in "window" mode. It will not be easy to implement this change because, unlike League of Legends, there are no two windows but everything is developed in a single client.

  • Will there ever be a pick and ban system for maps and agents?

Answer given by Trevor Romleski: we have thought about the possibility of inserting a system of ban during champion selection, but right now will not be taken into consideration. We want every player to find his "main”And can play it and prove its greatness on every occasion. Also Valuing is based on the team strategies that probably, with the inclusion of ban, would fail. We are also convinced that there are no more or less strong champions, and for this we remain firm on our decision.

  • Will we ever get the chance to play with people from other regions? For example players in EUW with players in NA?

As much as we are aware that having friendships beyond the border both exciting and rewarding, playing with a bad connection is a little less so. Connecting to different and very distant servers would ask huge internet consumption that not everyone can afford. If a player from Japan connected to the American servers, even if able to withstand the distance, 8 other people should play with connection problems, and that's not what we want.

The answers for this week are finished. We hope we have solved it some of your doubts and we advise you to stay up to date to follow all the news about this and all the other titles.

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