Valorant: The Closed Beta of the title is a success from every point of view

Valorant, the new tactical first person shooter made by Riot Games (the authors of League of Legends), a few hours after the initial launch of its Closed Beta can already boast record after record. The title, thanks to some crazy numbers recorded in these hours -34 million hours watched and a peak of 1.7 million users connected simultaneously- wrote the story on the platform Twitch, second only to the 2019 League Finals.

The Beta, which began on April 7th, has really amazed everyone, from insiders, to players, to the software house itself and above all to the most famous gaming platform in the world with which Riot Games has decided to collaborate to give fans the access to the Closed Beta. Ben Vallat, Senior Vice President of Alliances and Corporate Development for Twitch, said:

With Valorant, Riot Games has once again confirmed that starting to build a strong community on Twitch from day one is the key to success. We see great excitement across the community, and just like League of Legends, we're delighted to have been part of Valorant's success since its inception.

Numbers that will surely continue to grow even more. Suffice it to say that on April 3, during a videogameplay demonstration, the game had already achieved its first record by recording 12.2 million hours watched. Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of Valorant at Riot Games, said:

Our hearts, inboxes and social networks are filled to the brim with excitement for the Valorant Closed Beta. Right now we are totally focused on delivering a full-fledged global experience to all fans of competitive tactical shooters and we are already learning many lessons. This is just the beginning of our journey with players and as we roll out our server infrastructure in these tumultuous times, we can't wait to be able to invite even more fans from around the world to join the Valorant digital community.

Below, we leave you to our preview of the game.

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Valorant: The closed beta is coming on April 7 for a well-known insider ❯
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