Valorant: The closed beta is coming on April 7 for a well-known insider

After announcing Valuing, shooter of which you can find our preview at this link, Riot Games did not provide much information on the arrival of his title known as "Project A", which is however expected for the current year. The game is meant to be a worthy rival to Counter Strike: Global Offensive is CS: GO, proposing an extremely competitive shooter formula but including particular skills related to each of the operators present in the game.

Although there is no official information, a well-known insider recently announced on his Twitter profile the possibility of the arrival of a beta dedicated to Valorant scheduled to start from April 7 2020: we attach the aforementioned Tweet below.

i'm told that Riot Games will announce signups for Valorant closed beta today near the end of this weekend's alpha test event with pros and streamers, with the closed beta itself going live on April 7th

- Rod 'I don't sign NDAs or embargoes' Breslau (@Slasher) March 29, 2020

I am told that Riot Games will announce entries for the Valorant closed beta today, near the end of the alpha test weekend with pros and streamers, with the closed beta going live starting April 7.

Being a rumor, we do not know if the information released is obviously reliable, but we hope that Riot Games can immediately show a part of the public its new shooter. As soon as we have more information we will communicate it to you in real time on our pages, stay tuned!

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