Valorant: revealed the official release date of the Riot Games title

Riot Games officially announced the release date of Valuing, tactical first person shooter that has made a lot of talk in recent months. The title will be available exclusively on PC starting from the next 2nd June, downloadable for free by all users. In addition, the Closed Beta currently in progress will be closed a few days before its release, or on May 28th. These are the words of Anna Donlon, Executive Producer of Valorant:

Our goal has always been to make Valorant available in most parts of the world as soon as possible, and we can't wait to do that on June 2nd. The launch brings with it higher standards and different expectations, and we will continue to engage with players to honor our decades-long commitment to the global Valorant community. This is just the beginning of our journey, not the finish line.

It has already been revealed that, following the launch, they will be released new contents, agents, maps and game modes. New game servers were then added, which will be located in Atlanta, Dallas, London, Madrid and Warsaw. For more information on the title you can take a look at our preview. At the head of the news you will find a video published by the developers dedicated to today's announcement. Good vision!

It's @RiotSuperCakes and @RiotZiegler back with an important update on the future of VALORANT.

- VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) May 21, 2020

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