Valorant: ranked and surrender coming with patch 1.02

In the first edition of the Ask Valorant blog created by Riot Games, there has often been talk of an important lack in the game: the surrender. How many times have you happened to be at a clear disadvantage and not have the slightest desire to continue a game already lost at the start. Whether it's the fault of a teammate forced to leave the game or a player too toxic to bear, there are many occasions in which the possibility of giving up could prove useful. Despite the Riot wants to push his players to resist as much as possible to try to reverse the situation in the game, probably in the new one patch 1.02 the players will be satisfied.

In fact, it would seem that the possibility of surrender will be included in the new update. The patch doesn't have an official release date yet, but we think it's coming very soon. In fact, some posts have been published regarding the competitive matches of Valuing. According to the rumors the ranked will arrive next week, we have therefore come to the conclusion that everything will be included in a single patch.

Having no news regarding the new surrender method that will be inserted, we just have to wait to receive more news. For these and other news on Valuing and other titles coming out as usual we will not fail to keep you constantly updated.


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