Valorant: Problems with a Review Bombing on Metacritic

Valuing, the new branded bet Riot Games, has recently landed on PC in its version 1.0, whose news we talked about in our previous article. Within hours of the official release, however, the ambitious tactical shooter was the target of a Bombing Review from the community of Metacritic. On the well-known review aggregator, in fact, many users of are thrown at the title developed by the authors of league of legends, which brought Valorant's non-professional reviews 'Metascore' to an average of 4,6 of 10.

The title was criticized for the numerous bugs, for the problems encountered in the servers and for the lack of really interesting content. Furthermore, the title from Riot Games has been accused of being a clone of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Valorant is currently only available for PC users. References to a hypothetical version for Playstation 4 However, they were found in the closed beta files of the game, as the user pointed out on Twitter Valorant Leakes, who has published some data on his official profile and stating that there are great chances of seeing the title arrive on iOS, Android and PS4. Currently, however, the launch on consoles and mobile devices remains a rumor that is far from confirmed.

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