Valorant - Preview of "Project A" by Riot Games

It has now been several months since Riot Games unveiled his current projects to the public. From publishing by Riot Forge, in Legends of Runeterra, several titles are currently in the crosshairs of the software house author of League of Legends. Among those managed by the main studio it undoubtedly stands out Valuing, known until recently as the mysterious "Project". It is a tactical shooter that passes down a lot from the patented formula by Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Better known as CS: GO. The title, however, aims to innovate the Valve brand, which begins to feel the weight of the years on several fronts. So what was Valorant designed for, and how does it intend to position itself in the market? Let's find out together in the next few lines!

In limbo between CS: GO and Overwatch

As already mentioned, Valorant goes to match his mechanics to those of CS: GO, possibly the most competitive shooter nowadays. All the main ideas put in place by Valve want to be rejuvenated and revived in 2020, with the obvious and appropriate innovations of the case. In fact, we are not talking about a real copy and paste, both for what concerns the new additions, and for the new graphic and technical sector created by Riot Games. In fact, the new tactical shooter has a futuristic vein, as well as an extremely more modern, refined and pleasant setting.

To populate the arenas we do not find anonymous soldiers and terrorists, but real characters with their own peculiarities. Here's where inspiration for Overwatch emerges, given that these will propose particular skills and classes in their lineup, which apparently do not seem essential when compared to the shooting system, which should be much more relevant. In fact, we are talking about a shooter where tactics are simply everything, and the time to kill stands at thousandths of a second in the most competitive games. Furthermore, Riot Games is currently pushing a lot on the accuracy placed in the development phases, which will lead to the minimum requirements on almost ridiculous PCs and to the most advanced servers able to make the fights more competitive than modern games.

Despite being the largest share of the market, it does not appear that there are currently any plans for a console debut. The computing power offered in the current generation is actually sufficient, but probably the team does not want to deal with controllers for the moment - certainly less performing than PC peripherals for games of this type - if we consider the scope of eSports. It is easy to see how Valorant points 100% to the aforementioned sector, although it is not entirely clear how the developers will carry out their goals, given this specific niche game setting.

The Free-to-Play tactic

Deepening the details related to Valorant, Riot Games wanted to clarify that it is in effect a Free-to-Play title, where microtransactions will only be useful for aesthetic and non-influential factors in the gameplay. The proposed monetization system seems rather interesting, given that the software house wants to avoid the presence of lootboxes in any way, at least according to current plans. The cosmetics will be offered with gods passport Battle, and it seems that for the moment these are divided only into weapon skins and sprays. However, more elements are likely to be added to this list, such as skins for the various champions present.

In addition to the personality of Valorant as an experience in its own right - currently not exactly flattering given the premises - doubts also arise on the gameplay front. Will Riot Games be able to make all the skills well balanced and amalgamated with simple gunplay, or will it be an unsatisfactory product on both fronts? The software house is offering a title that takes full hands from two revolutionary and extremely different games, which actually share the wording "shooter" and little else. To make the project profitable, Riot Games will have to convince a large range of users with its creature - given the monetization system chosen - putting aside the idea of ​​betting on a narrow niche of players. We will be able to find out how the situation will evolve relatively soon, as the debut window for Valorant is set for this summer: we will update you as soon as possible on this interesting project!

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Valorant - Preview, tried the Closed Beta of the Riot Games shooter ❯
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