Valorant: Implemented an option to remove blood from the game

Meanwhile Valuing is still in beta, Riot Games already has its eyes on the eSports scenario. According to Bloomberg, the company plans to remove all bloody images from the game's tournaments in an effort not to compromise deals with sponsors and broadcasters. Prior to the launch of the Valorant beta, the US company discussed adapting the game to competitions with over 100 organizations. A much discussed topic was that of blood present within the titles, with games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive cut off from trade deals precisely because of their violent nature. In response to this, it was decided to introduce the deactivatable option "show blood"Also present in other works. Whalen RozelleRiot's senior eSports director said:

Ultimately, we want our eSport to be as accessible as possible, and that includes ensuring that it is also as broad as possible. By turning off the blood, we allow more sponsors and distributors to join the ecosystem, ultimately creating greater accessibility and stability for all.

It makes sense that Riot is adapting its next big game for the industry in a way that will earn more. According to Bloomberg, the sponsorships remain the main source of revenue for leagues and esports teams. If you are planning to play in the newly released competitive game, it is important to consider this information, particularly if you are looking for a sponsorship. We remind our readers that Valorant will be released on PC, indicatively this summer: Riot has not yet provided fans with a more precise date.

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