Valorant: here is the time when you can start downloading the game

A little over a week ago we wrote to you about the release day for the title Valorant, tactical first person shooter made by Riot Games (League of Legends) that in recent months has made a lot of talk about itself and that we have brought for you in numerous lives. After learning the game mechanics, meeting the protagonists and discovering the release day -Tuesday 2 June-, today we also learn the official time in the various continents.

Valorant, for us Europeans, it will be available exclusively on PC starting from 05:00 in the morning, that is to say in a little less than 8 hours (at the time of writing it is just after 21:00). Even if the time so early may seem to be among the first in the world, in the Asian area (Korea; Japan etc ...) it will be possible to play it as early as one in the morning (). The last will be the Americans who will have to wait until 14:00 pm on June 2nd.

It is therefore not long before you can finally put your hand to the complete code of the game; just a few days ago the closed beta servers were closed for good, which recorded very high numbers on the Twitch. Stay tuned to our pages to find out the review of the title and all the various game updates.

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