VALORANT: first plans for eSports announced

Riot Games recently unveiled its plans for building an ecosystem eSports to VALORANT, the tactical shooter coming next summer on PC currently available in closed beta version. About that Whalen RozelleSenior Director of the division Global EsportsSaid:

We are overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm for VALORANT. We have big dreams for what this game can become in esports terms and look forward to embarking on this long journey with our players. Our first goal will be to create partnerships with players, content creators, tournament organizers and developers - giving them the chance to help us build VALORANT's esports ecosystem.

VALORANT has become in a short time a very popular title, having even managed to break the record for Fortnite by number of users connected on the streaming platform Twitch, or 1,7 million.

To support this initial vision, Riot Games released VALORANT community competition guidelines, with the aim of helping third-party tournament organizers confidently plan events and create new opportunities for an amateur scene where new talent can emerge.

Until the launch of the Beta, the eSport team of VALORANT led by the aforementioned Whalen Rozelle met more than 100 organizations to share their initial vision on esports in order to receive feedback on it.

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Valorant - Preview of "Project A" by Riot Games ❯
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