Valorant: Big changes to the rank system coming in the next act

As we all know, the content updates of Valuing they are divided into Acts, including smaller additions and larger additions such as maps. The first act of the game is about to end, and the arrival of theAct 2, which will likely begin around August 4th. Riot Games recently announced some changes related to the rank system and ranked matches coming to the game starting with the next act.

  • Your matchmaking rank will always reflect your current skill
  • We will introduce i Act degrees, which keep track of your "demonstrated skill" (the novelty is this!), the victory at the highest rank and the number of competitive victories obtained during the Act
  • All projects end of the Act, the Act rank will be kept as a badge on your player card in competitive matches (and in your career history)
  • Your "demonstrated skill”Is represented by ninth best competitive victory of the Act, to show that you have actually been able to win at that level
  • Your highest competitive win is self-explanatory: it is the highest competitive win you have achieved in the Act (the tip of the triangle)
  • Yours board of the Act degree it is the edge of the triangle, which evolves according to the number of competitive victories obtained in the Act
  • You will also be able to view information about previous Act degrees on the Career tab

And you, what do you think of these changes? They certainly look promising, however we just have to wait to see them actually applied in game! You have already read the new Q & A recently published on the official website of Valorant?

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