Valorant: Agents of Romance, Riot Games unveils a dating sim spin-off?

Over the last few minutes, on the occasion of the day of the April Fool, Riot Games announced the arrival of a new game from the popular universe of Valuing, the acclaimed tactical first person shooter, entitled Valorant: Agents of Romance. The latter will be the first Riot Games game to belong to the genre of dating simulators and follows in the wake of the success of the Spiritual Flower event league of legends, which contained some elements typical of dating simulator titles.

Valorant: Agents of Romance will allow players to take on the role of a new recruit engaged in training to become an agent of Valorant. During the training, while the players discover the turbulent life of a recruit, the latter will have the opportunity to establish relationships with the other Valorant agents to be able to obtain items, go out on dates and maybe, in the meantime, even save the world. . Here is the statement released by Anna Donlon, executive producer of Valorant.

We've always thought about ways to expand and explore the Valorant universe, right before its official release, and when the choice fell on a dating simulator we knew we hit the target. We believe that everyone can become attached to and identify with VALORANT agents, whether they are shooter players or lovers of dating simulators.

The improbable romantic-themed spin-off is certainly not the only title to be announced today to surprise and make smile the many players who, like every year, must be careful to juggle the fake and terrifying postponements, the announcements out of the common and many unique novelties.

Even if we are faced with a joke, it is inevitable to consider that Valorant has immediately managed to impress the public thanks to his cast of characters, and the idea of ​​a hypothetical spin-off dedicated to their characterization and their life when taking off their uniforms and putting away their weapons could actually appeal to many users.

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