Valorant: a leak talks about the arrival of the game on Playstation 4

The new free-to-play shooter from Riot Games, Valuing was officially announced in March of this year for PC only, but according to some dataminers the arrival on Playstation 4 it might be close. The closed beta started last month and was hugely successful on Twitch, breaking all records and beating titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone. Ever since the game was officially announced, the community has been asking Riot Games if there was the concrete possibility of releasing the game also on consoles and mobile devices and, based on the answers of Riot, the other platforms are not completely excluded from the future of the title.

As we explore other platforms like consoles and mobile devices, right now our team is working hard to deliver a top notch PC experience. Our focus right now is entirely on the PC version.

References to a hypothetical version of Valuing to Playstation 4 can be found in the closed beta files of the game, as did the leaker @Valorantleaked, who posted the data on his official profile saying that there are great chances of seeing the title arrive on iOS, Android and PS4.


It looks like Valorant is coming to IOS and Android 👀

- Valorant Leaks (@ValorantLeaked) May 3, 2020

From what I found in the strings, I found one for PS4.

- Valorant Leaks (@ValorantLeaked) May 3, 2020

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