Valheim: The new update to the servers creates several problems

Valheim is one of the surprises of this videogame beginning of the year, in fact it has been able to intrigue millions of players, achieving record sales on Steam. The title is constantly updated, in fact the patch 0.147.3. The update modifies the way the servers work, with the aim of solving the critical issues related to latency; however, this has created some problems.

Now the servers, which previously used the system Steam Datagram Relay, refer to the direct connection. Developers Iron Gate Studio, they said this method would allow for lower latency on dedicated servers. Unfortunately following the release of the update, some issues have emerged. Many players, through the Steam and Reddit have in fact complained of not being able to connect to updated servers, the game tries to connect, but displays an error message. On Reddit many users have suggested uninstalling and reinstalling dedicated file servers. Fortunately, it is still possible to play on private servers. We just have to wait for the resolution of this age-old problem, in the hope that this will be swift. The update also introduces other changes. There are adjustments to the network interpolation problems and it has reduced the number of wolves by reducing their breeding rate, in addition to other minor novelties.

Valheim, available exclusively on PC, is a survival with a Norse setting. The aim of the game, in addition to surviving, is to collect the materials necessary to perform rituals to summon 5 different bosses to defeat. In addition to the obvious crafting system, there is also a building system that allows you to build complex shelters. For all our articles concerning Valheim, including several guides that could help you discover different sides of the game, we refer you to our dedicated page, which can be accessed through the following link.

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