Valheim - Guide to where to find the Stone Golems and how to defeat them

In Valheim, the now very famous game Iron gate ab, you will encounter various kinds of monsters. But there are some in particular that are located in the Mountains area and blend perfectly with the surrounding environment. We are talking about the stone golems and in this guide we tell you where you can find them and how to defeat them.

The following text may contain spoilers about Valheim, the latest work by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain Studios. We therefore advise you to continue carefully in order to avoid any major and minor spoilers, which could undermine your play experience.

Where to find the stone golems

As previously mentioned, these funny guys stay in the Mountains area, and you should meet them when you are looking for the boss, the Moder wyvern, or immediately after defeating her.

The giants of the mountain

You will not notice them at first glance because they apparently look like inert clusters of snow-covered rock. But just try to get close and you will see that these sleeping mighty beings are very light sleepers, and when they are disturbed they get really angry. They do not look anyone in the face, who happens to happen, they take it out on everyone, even with those poor unsuspecting animals that involuntarily turn around them. There are two different types of Golems, namely those with Boulder arms and those with Spike arms. Both Stone Golems attack and move slowly and each executes two types of attack, one light and fast, and one strong and slow.

The strength of the giants

Stone Golems have a pretty significant amount of health, as well as having high defense against most weapons. In order not to be surprised by the surprise appearances of these walking stones you should have a good set of armor. In this case the most suitable are the iron armor or the wolf armor, strong enough to protect players from punches. Specifically, the wolf armor has the added benefit of canceling the freezing effect of the mountain biome without the use of antifreeze potions. Don't skimp on carrying reserves of food and healing potions with you to keep yourself alive as much as possible.

Once you put on your best protection, you have to choose the right weapon to hold, and this is where you will find that the weapons will not scratch it in the slightest. The only one that will take effect will be the usual pickaxe that never leaves you. This is because it is the only tool capable of demolishing the rock in Valheim, and consequently it will be the only one to dismantle the stone that the Golems are made of.

The fall of the giants

We have said that the pickaxe will be your strategic weapon, but since it is not very easy to handle it, each missed shot exposes you to enemy attacks, and for this it would be better, in case of missed target, to jump back and put some away from each other, because with a couple of punches the Golems can knock you out. Since the pickaxe cannot be used in conjunction with a shield, you can still use it to parry blows. When he executes his fast attack, back away, and when he prepares for the slow attack, turn behind him, or jump on top of him, and start hitting him. Finally, remember to activate, before leaving for the search, the damage reduction bonus of Bone Mass's altar, which will give you a decent advantage.

Winning is convenient

Whenever you defeat them, the Golems will drop stones, crystals and the stone Golem Trophy. Currently the trophy and the crystals have no use in Valheim, but we don't know if they will find a function in the game in the future.

And that's all there is to know about where to find the Stone Golems in Valheim and how to defeat them. For more information on the game or on all the other various titles of the moment, we refer you to our guides section which is always updated.

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