Valheim - Guide to the first boss Eikthyr the Stag

In Valheim , new branded game Iron gate ab, certainly could not miss the boss fights. These mighty antagonists fit perfectly into the game's fantasy setting. In this guide we will talk about the first boss you will meet, Eikthyr the Stag, a great deer with electrified horns.

The following text may contain narrative and playful spoilers on Valheim, the latest work by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain Studios. We therefore advise you to continue carefully in order to avoid any major and minor spoilers, which could undermine your play experience.

Where to find Eikthyr the Stag in Valheim

Eikthyr will only appear in Valheim if you summon him, and this will happen at the Mystical Altar in the Meadows. Arriving at the altar, which is located on a ridge of a hill, you must interact with a large red glowing stone next to the altar. To summon it you must present two deer trophies at the altar, which you have previously hunted. You can summon Eikthyr an unlimited number of times, as long as you bring two new deer trophies to the altar each time. Hunting deer is not easy because they are easily frightened, especially if you are too visible, and if you are downwind, it will smell you and run away. The bow is the best weapon to hunt them, keep a safe distance and aim for the head.

How to defeat Eikthyr the Stag

Eikthyr has large branched horns with wedged chains, which he will use against you without restraint. It also has two types of light attack available, namely a ranged attack aiming forward and a wide area of ​​effect attack. Like all early video game bosses, Eikthyr won't be that hard to deal with. However, since you are also at the beginning of the game, it would be preferable to eat and sleep before the fight to ensure that your energies are at the maximum. Obviously your equipment will be pretty simple at the moment. Your only defense will be the wooden shield, and you will have to make do with the first introductory weapons, but despite these initial difficulties you should be able to take it down quickly enough.

When Eikthyr prances, he will come back with a large bolt of lightning that he will throw in a straight line in front of him, and when he raises his legs, move to the side and run, thus avoiding the attack of the lightning bolt. It will also do another wheelie and then hang in the air for a little longer, so it will launch a ball of energy. When this dissipates, start hitting. When he runs through the forest, lifting dirt and cutting down trees, it will be difficult to hit him in the flanks. But if you manage to get close, hit him hard on the sides.

Eikthyr's head 

After defeating him, Eikthyr will drop his head like a trophy, plus some hard horns, which you will need to create the horn pickaxe. Return to the sacrificial stones and place your head on the stone slab to unlock the power of the Forsaken, which temporarily increases your stamina and movement abilities. With this victory you will also gain access to the burial chambers in the Meadows and Black Forest areas.

This was all there was to know about the first boss of Valheim if you need more help we remind you that we have an entire section dedicated to the guides updated with all the titles of the moment.

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