Valheim - Guide to creating a dedicated server, or hosting friends

In Valheim, new branded title Iron gate ab of which you can find our preview at the following link, you can decide not to live the experience alone. In fact, the game gives its best with friends, or in any case in multiplayer servers where it is possible to survive with the rest of the community. In this guide to Valheim servers and hosting we want to give you all the details on how to create servers for friends or dedicated, in order to be able to connect all together.

The following text may contain narrative and playful spoilers on Valheim, the latest work by Iron Gate AB and published by Coffee Stain Studios. We therefore advise you to continue carefully in order to avoid any major and minor spoilers, which could undermine your play experience.

Host a server

To play with your friends on a dedicated server you will need to make sure of one thing, entrust the task of creation to the most consistent player, with a good computer, as the load of players will weigh on its in-game performance. In order to be able to be all together inside the aforementioned server, in fact, it will be necessary that the host is online and inside the server, and in his absence none of the other players will be able to connect. Just that the person in charge invites all other users from the Steam profile by clicking on "Invite to play".

Create a dedicated server in Valheim

Through a dedicated server you can avoid the worries of being too many and making the host experience less enjoyable, and even only some of you will be able to connect to play together, without therefore there is a fundamental member necessary. Here are all the steps to create a dedicated server:

  1. Find and download the program to create dedicated servers of Valheim
  2. After installation right click in the Steam library, go to Property, then Fillet Locations. Found "start_headless_server”And save it in another folder.
  3. Enter your router's software by opening a search engine window and typing in the IP of your router. Log in with the correct credentials, they could be "Admin" and "admin" if you have never changed them. Select "Port Forwarding", which according to your network provider may be in the "Advanced" item. Make sure port forwarding 2456-2458 is enabled for both the local router and the Firewall. Use the resources of your provider to find the information for this step, which can be complicated
  4. Modify the original "start_headless_server" file by finding the file named "valheim_server". Here are all the changes to be made: find "My Server & Hosting”And give it a name by changing the text in the quotes. Make sure that the 4 port numbers are those of your router's Port Forwarding. Found "World”And give it a name by changing the text in the quotes, ATTENTION, it must not be the same one already used for the server. Find the password and enter it again by editing the text in the quotes, and again, be careful not to use the world or server name. Where is the writing "Public 1”Change 1 to 0 if you don't want the server to be visible in the Valheim list.
  5. Open the server creation tool, and be sure to read after the many prompt messages Game Server Wellness Easy. Within 15 minutes the server will be accessible by searching for the name in the appropriate section of the game "Join Game".

Enter the game serverso

You can also enter the servers of other players, simply by accessing the item "Join Game”And selecting a visible one. But make sure you have the necessary password, so get in touch with the players first to make sure you can experience the game together.

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