Valheim exceeds 6 million in units sold, upcoming update coming soon

- Iron Gate Studios have announced during the past few hours that the much acclaimed Valheim reached another sales milestone today. Released just over six weeks ago via Steam Early Access, Valheim has now sold well 6 million units: Just two weeks ago, the game had sold 5 million copies. Alongside the news, the team showed its growing audience a teaser image of an update that would currently be in the works. You can see the attached photo, which sees a crow as the protagonist, directly at the bottom of this news.

The way in which Valheim managed to win the hearts of many users and the speed of how this happened left many people amazed. For those who do not remember it, in fact, just 21 days after its release the record of 4 million of copies sold. The first major game update, Hearth and Home, is currently passing the phase of various tests with bug fixes and other small peculiarities still to be totally perfected. The team is also working on the high priority bugs and issues present in the game that have been reported by the players. Server network problems are also not uncommon, however, as previously mentioned, the study also worked on this.

Gamers are extremely anxious to see the new patch with their own eyes and on their screen, however Iron Gate is currently awaiting a Steam update from Valve before releasing it. If you are playing or have just started, on our site there is a long list of guides on the subject: for example, you may be interested in our guide entirely dedicated to how to find all the feathers present in this fantastic work. !

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