Upload VR: here is the recap of the event on the titles for virtual reality

Streaming of Upload VR, event entirely dedicated to titles based on virtual reality technology. There were many games presented during the "event" that you can find entirely in the video at the head of the article. Below, however, we will leave you the trailer shown of every single game today except for the already known titles covered during the pre-show:

Solaris Offworld Combat: developed by First Contact Entertainment, out in August 2020 for Oculus and a few months later for PlayStation VR, is a multiplayer fps set in a sci-fi universe. Two teams of 4 players face off in different scenarios.

Panther VR: stealth-action sandbox in first person by Wolfdog Interactive, is instead available immediately on Steam in Early Access.

Onward: little has been seen of the title if not an interesting modern war scenario.

Wraith The Oblivion Afterlife: through this teaser we can see and steal the gloomy and gloomy atmosphere of this horror adventure developed by Fast Travel Games. An additional gameplay video will be shown in August, before the game hits all major platforms.

Phantom Covert Ops: made by nDreams and created on Unreal Engine 4, the action title that mixes moments of pure shootings with others of infiltration, will be released on June 25 for Oculus, in just nine days.

Star Shaman: very little, if any, has been shown of this "magical" title developed by Ikimasho that will allow you to cast spells and jump between planets while battling hordes of enemies.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: the title in question is already known to fans of the brand, however today the existence of a named DLC was made known The Meatgrinder Update and coming in July for Playstation VR, Steam VR and Oculus Rift.

The Rig A Starmap to Murder: also set in a sci-fi universe, is a game based on solving various puzzles placed inside a space base. Made by Sunset Division, the release is set for June 26 on Steam VR.

Spaceteam VR: the trailer shown, which you can retrieve in the video on the cover at minute 40:35, takes us inside a ship in which we should play different puzzle games alone or in co-op.

Traffic Jams:  developed by Little Chicken Game Company, is a fun party game coming at the end of the year on PlayStation 4 for PS VR and on PC where we will have to direct the traffic in a world where the traffic light, unfortunately, has never been invented.

Operencia The Stolen Sun. RPG Dungeon Crawler where we will face many monsters, bosses, and various characters, including as many puzzles and clashes surrounded by a fascinating background story. The release of the title has not yet been made official but will be available for Playstation VR, Oculus and Steam VR.

Man Lives Area: Developed by Numinous Games, this bizarre and chaotic virtual reality title will be released on Oculus & Steam VR within the next year.

Lonn: one of the most exciting titles we have seen today, this action / shooter with cyberpunk setting by Sixsense Studios, looks really good right away. There is no release date yet.

Where Angels Meet: Cinematic VR experience, as described directly in the movie, just showed up without revealing any details other than the exclusivity on Oculus Rift. You can retrieve today's video at 49:46 of the video at the top of the article.

Agence: a new immersive experience that arrives on VR, mobile and desktop platforms and uses AI to create an interactive and dynamic story about small characters inhabiting a floating planet.

Gravity Lab: work developed by Mark Schramm, is a science fiction version of Lemmings but in virtual reality. The spheres, key element of the title, will have to be directed towards a goal using a variety of tools.

Trial By Teng: Graphic adventure by Charm Games surrounded by numerous puzzles and bizarre characters in a context similar to that of horror-themed playgrounds. Out for Steam VR and Oculus, there is currently no release date.

Cosmophobia: Another sci-fi setting title, this horror project features various puzzles and threats that are partly reminiscent of good old Dead Space. No release date at the moment other than the release on Steam VR.

Ghost Patrol: a mix of Luigi's Mansion and Ghostbusters in this title developed by Vertigo Arcades and Crazy Bunch. The game will make us "fight" against spirits by matching the colors of the ghosts to the rays of the weapon.

In Death: Unchained, you can find all the relevant information in our article or in the video below.

Low-Fi: adventure that seems to be very close to that world that we have come to know through Blade Runner, made of flying cars, shootings and much more. Developed by Iris VR Inc. it will be available in 2020 for Steam VR and most likely for PlayStatoin 5, given the logo that can be seen at the end of the trailer.

Gnomes and Goblins: Interesting project born from the collaboration of the WEVR studio and Jon Favreau, the actor and director of many Marvel films. Not surprisingly, the famous character "Baby Yoda" looks a lot like the goblins you can see in this movie.

I Am A Man: certainly the title that was least seen in this event. You can retrieve the trailer through the video at the head of the article at 1:02:30.

Vertigo Remastered: Zulubo Productions today showed a video of Vertigo Remastered, a reworking of the original VR game released in 2016 with new visual elements and, above all, many of the game updates seen in the upcoming Vertigo 2.

Find Saves The Universe: Justin Roiland and Squanch Games' bizarre VR adventure game launched on the PSVR and PC VR platforms almost a year ago. June 18 will also be his debut on Oculus Quest.

Pistol Whip: arriving next month on PlayStation VR, it's a fun rhythmic FPS from Cloudhead Games and already released on PC and Oculus Quest. Considered among the best of its kind, it will also debut on PlayStation VR in a few weeks.

Norman Reedus with The Walking Dead Onslaught: Surprisingly, Norman Reedus presents a new VR game obviously based on the universe of The Walking Dead. Nothing was shown of this game.

Blaston: title created by Resolution Games in which we will have to shoot, avoid and dodge the shots inflicted by an opponent in a 1vs1 fight.

Vacation Simulator: Owlchemy authors present Back to Job, a free expansion of the crazy virtual reality game Vacation Simulator for PC, Oculus Quest and PlayStation 4 with PS VR.

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