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    Wolfenstein the Old Blood: Guide to Unlocking All Talents (Upgrades)


    Let's see how to unlock all the upgrades available for your character

    Upgrade Guide

    In Wolfenstein the Old Blood it is possible to unlock particular power-ups by reaching particular objectives as you play. Below you will find the list of all the "talents" with gods videos showing very quick ways to unlock them.

    Also remember that for each talent you will also unlock a game achievement / trophy.

    Hawkeye Upgrade
    Kill 20 commanders silently: VIDEO AVAILABLE
    Health Booster I
    Health Upgrade II
    Health Booster III
    Do as in the video to unlock all three: VIDEO AVAILABLE
    Armor Upgrade I
    Bring the armor to 100: VIDEO AVAILABLE
    Armor Upgrade II
    Bring the armor to 200: VIDEO AVAILABLE
    Ammo upgrade
    100 kills with the dual weapon: VIDEO AVAILABLE
    granate belt
    Kill 3 enemies with a grenade, watch the video to find out how to catch it already in Chapter 1: VIDEO AVAILABLE
    Sleeping dogs must be killed, the exact number is still unclear.
    Combat pistol +
    50 kills with the Kampfpistole: VIDEO AVAILABLE
    Schockhammer + charger
    50 kills with the Shockhammer: VIDEO AVAILABLE
    Bombenschuss + magazine
    50 Bombenschuss kills: VIDEO AVAILABLE

    Heavy artillery
    200 kills with the MG46 machine gun. Here's a good place to rack up the kills required to get this talent: VIDEO AVAILABLE

    Furious reload
    Kill 20 enemies with the last bullet from a magazine: VIDEO AVAILABLE
    Quick rotation
    Kill 50 enemies from cover: VIDEO AVAILABLE
    Leathery skin
    10 kills with the iron pipe: VIDEO AVAILABLE
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