Until Dawn: How to Keep the Wolf Alive [PS4]

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Until Dawn: How to Keep the Wolf Alive [PS4]


Let's see how to make the wolf survive in Until Dawn too.

In a previous guide dedicated to the game we have already seen how to save all the characters of Until Dawn, but today we focus in particular on the wolf that meets Mike at some point in the story.

There are several things that need to be done, from chapter 5 to 9, to keep the wolf alive throughout the Sanatorium, here's how to proceed:

when you reach the chapel of the sanatorium you will find the wolf. In this first encounter, if you hit the QTE keys correctly you will end up kicking the wolf, the right choice here is NOT to do anything and approach it.

Later in the story, when you return to the Sanatorium with Mike, you meet the animal again. To keep the wolf alive it is necessary to successfully complete the QTEs of this whole section, if something is wrong the wolf dies. Eventually you will enter a room where you will have the option to barricade the door or escape. Be sure to barricade the door to save your friend and unlock the "Wolf and Man" trophy at the end of the chapter. Here is a video showing the whole process:

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