Until Dawn: guide to saving ALL the characters [PS4 - They live]

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Until Dawn: guide to saving ALL the characters [PS4 - They live]


Let's see what needs to be done (or not done) to make all Until Dawn characters survive.

Until Dawn deliberately and without hiding the exact pattern of dozens of horror films all alike in which a group of kids gather in an isolated location for a good night but end up being shredded by something or someone.

SPOILER !!! It is impossible to write such a guide without revealing plot details, this counts as a warning. I recommend playing the game for the first time without following the guide, if you can't save them all, replay using the guide to save them all.

In Until Dawn it will be our task to give an "unusual" epiologist to this kind of story, in fact we will have to try to save all eight main characters, thus unlocking four Trophies:

Death did not rush to meet Jessica
Jessica survived her night of terror
The four daughters of darkness
All the girls survived until dawn
Faster than death
All the boys survived until dawn
They live
All eight friends survived until dawn

Keep in mind that other characters will die, other than the main eight shown in the list below, and you will not be able to do anything to save them. The following are the eight characters that must be saved to see the good ending of the story and to unlock all the achievements listed above.

There are choices that initially seem to lead to someone's death (like choosing blades with Josh, for example), but following everything to the letter in the end it won't, so trust what is written in the guide and in the end you will have all the surviving guys . 

Please note: the "QTE" (or quick time events) are those sequences in which you have to quickly press the keys indicated on the screen. Completing a QTE without errors therefore means pressing ALL the indicated keys correctly or remaining perfectly still when required.

How to save Josh: find all the clues to the story of the twin sisters, so that she recognizes her sister's tattoo (for help follow the Until Dawn all clues guide). Don't worry when he dies in episode 4, things will turn out differently ...

How to save Jessica: after she drags herself out of the cabin, Mike has to catch up with her as soon as possible. Always use the riskiest paths and roll down the hill at the end. Nothing will be known about Jessica until Episode 9 in the mines. With her, always choose the option to hide when you get the chance, never try to run and escape.

How to save Matt: to save Matt you don't have to attack the deer, and you have to avoid helping Emily when she's hanging from the tower (on the contrary, jump away from her). Later, in the mines you will always have to hide with Jessica when you get a chance to do so. Never try to escape from the attackers.

How to save Emily: make no mistake in her QTEs and don't shoot her in episode 8.

How to save Ashley: when choosing between her and Josh (blade sequence), choose to sacrifice Josh. Later in episode 9 don't investigate the noise in the mines with her, stay with the rest of the group.

How to save Chris: when he gets the gun and has to choose whether to shoot himself or shoot Ashley, make him choose to shoot himself (eventually he won't die). This way Ashley will help him by opening the door for him when he is chased by the Wendigo in Episode 8. Make no mistake in his QTEs in Chapter 8. Avoid the trap door in Chapter 9 when / if you investigate the noise with Ashley.

How to save Sam: this character cannot die before the final set of cutscenes. Just don't make any mistakes in his QTEs at the end of episode 10.

How to save Mike: this character cannot die before the final set of cutscenes. Just make no mistake in his QTEs at the end of episode 10. When Sam has to choose whether to hit the light switch or help Mike (end of episode 10) you need to choose to help Mike.

This way you will get the best ending of the game, but remember that this is not the only ending in Until Dawn. To see the other two, follow the guide to all the endings of Until Dawn.

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