Unreal Engine 5: the PS5 tech demo would require "at least" an RTX 2070 Super on PC

As you well know, in the past few hours epic Games showed its new graphics engine, theU, thanks to a tech demo in action on PlayStation 5. But that's not all, since the well-known development team has revealed the requirements to allow the demo in question to work correctly even on PC. According to the words of Epic Games, the process is possible, but it will be necessary to have at least one RTX 2070 Super.

In addition to the exaggerated graphics card required, Caryin's team said that throughout the presentation of theU one was used dynamic resolution, very often reaching i 2560 × 1440 pixels, or better known as Quad HD (QHD). In addition, the developers were keen to point out that the tech demo in question did not use the dedicated hardware Ray-Tracing of the console, but everything worked using only the Shader processors.

Epic finally appreciated the advantages introduced byPS5 SSD, noting that such graphics cannot be achieved using a simple hard drive or even a SATA SSD, as they do not have sufficient speed to load high resolution textures when needed, elements that on PC need at least a NVME SSD at high speeds. Unfortunately, to discover the full potential of the new graphics engine we will have to wait untilbeginning of 2021, but given the incredible results already obtained with the PS5 tech demo, we expect great things for the now imminent next-gen.

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Unreal Engine 5 presented with a tech demo on PlayStation 5 ❯
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