Unreal Engine 5: the new engine will "simplify" the work of developers

The presentation of theU not sent into raptures exclusively in public, but also critics, highlighting its "immense" potential, especially in terms of graphic detail. With the new graphics engine Epic is trying to "free" developers from various constraints, allowing artists to simply insert their models ZBrush and high-fidelity photogrammetric data. It will not be necessary to simplify the models to achieve certain performance targets, as the new UE5, nicknamed nanite.

Analyzing the PlayStation 5 tech demo, Alex Battaglia of Digital Foundry said that Epic Games' new Unreal Engine 5 will mainly leverage two technologies: nanite, allowing developers to import objects at the highest quality without polygon losses, e Lumen, dynamic lighting technology that will allow environments to “react dynamically” to changes. Furthermore, by examining several NPCs supplied by the same American company, Battle stated that the features introduced in the new engine will make the pixel count useless. We report his words in detail:

We spent a lot of time studying a range of uncompressed 3840x2160 PNG screenshots provided by the company. They defy the pixel count, with resolution as a practically insignificant metric like, for example, for a Blu-ray movie. But temporal accumulation does much more for UE5 than antialiasing or image reconstruction - it is the foundation of the Lumen GI system.

You missed the presentation of the tech demo "Lumen in the Land of Nanite"of PlayStation 5, you can retrieve it via the following link.



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Unreal Engine 5: the next-gen "will bring games to photorealism" ❯
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