Unreal Engine 5 presented with a tech demo on PlayStation 5

After the announcement of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 yesterday, also today the Game Summer Fest has been able to give us a pleasant surprise. As had already been anticipated by some rumors, in fact, the secret announcement of today's event turned out to be precisely the new development engine U. During the showcase of the various features, the developers of epic Games they used a tech demo that ran in real time on PlayStation 5, Sony's new next-gen console.

Thanks to the proposed demo, called Lumen in the Land of Nanite we have been able to observe what will be the features and improvements made to this new graphics engine. As stated by the developers, the goal of Unreal Engine 5 is to achieve an incredible photorealism, which we already got a taste of during the demo.

The demo shown also anticipated two of the new technologies which will be introduced with Unreal Engine 5: nanite, a system of virtualization of micro-polygons which allows the insertion of innumerable details and which performs a scaling and streaming in real time without any loss of quality, and Lumen, a new technology of fully dynamic global illumination which reacts immediately to changes in light and scene, guaranteeing an incredible quality of lighting and reflections.

A first version of Unreal Engine 5 will be made available in the first half of the 2021, while for the final version of the engine it will be necessary to wait until the second half of the same year. The development engine will support current and next generation consoles, as well as mobile devices.

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